Shrubring™ (Irrigated)

Color: Black

Shrubring™ (Irrigated) provides beautiful landscape results without the weeds!

13.82" plant opening
17.9" base

Perfect for shrubs, grasses and flower groupings 

  • Meters and waters plants deep root structure
  • Complements all landscape edging
  • Prevents soil washout into landscape media
  • No stakes required
  • Avoids harmful herbicide use
  • Keeps heat-soaked rocks away from plants
  • Made from recyclables
  • Creates defining landscape border around plants
  • Use Shrubring™ with any landscape media
  • Use with Pre-cut Shrubring™ Skirt for quick installation

*For each Colorado River Blue Shrubring™ (Irrigated) sale, one dollar will be donated to help save the Colorado River.

*Shrubring Skirt sold separately.

1. Lay out weed barrier and cut hole for Shrubring or install Shrubring™ skirt

2. Dig hole for plant

3. Insert Shrubring™ and create a seal with weed barrier

4. Plant, fill in soil, top-dress, spread out rocks, and water

 Pressure (PSI) Flow (GPH)
10 1.68
15 2.08
20 2.32
25 2.60
30 3.20

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