Truly beautiful landscaping requires order, precision and neatness. Until recently, home and property owners faced a problem achieving crisp landscaping results that also benefited the flowers, plants and shrubs. There was no viable solution to implement a weed barrier ring within a landscape bed; furthermore, plants could easily be strangled due to the heat retention of surrounding rocks. How does one attain pristine landscaping results, prevent weeds, and ensure proper plant hydration and nutrition? The solution is simple: Shrubring.

Shrubring offers an easy to use weed barrier ring that allows fragile flowers, plants and shrubs to be planted even in sun-baked rock beds and remain hydrated. When used with a plastic or cloth weed barrier, it creates a seal that locks out unwanted and unsightly weeds, dirt and grasses.

Since each plant has different water absorption requirements, the unique Shrubring (Irrigated) model offers metering for gardeners to determine the perfect amount of water necessary to meet the needs of their desired—and thirsty—plant species.

Shrubring is perfect for landscapers, home and apartment complex owners, farmers, irrigation companies, municipalities, and other big name players in the residential and commercial landscaping, horticultural and agricultural industries. Whether one is a novice home-gardener seeking to place and protect a flower in a landscape bed or a municipality looking for water conservation and cost-savings measures, Shrubring has got you covered!

Based in Eagan, Minnesota, Shrubring is 100% made and manufactured in the United States of America.

Shrubring comes with a 60-day Unconditional Guarantee. For more information contact us at